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We manufacture stone blocks, road kerbs and footpath edging, as well as street furniture for public open spaces, near-office territories, shopping malls, housing estate and detached house yard sides.

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Брусчатка Durable Stone производится по турецким технологиям вибропрессования и соответствует ГОСТу «РСТ Уз 712-96». Гарантия 10 лет!

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We will manufacture and prepare for shipment the required quantity of production in due time, even the quantity is large.

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We have our own independent laboratory, where our experts carry out continuous quality control.

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In gratitude for trust, we will give the stone block free wash certificate. The certificate is for one wash.

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With a view estimate the stone block pavement cost, the area should be measured precisely. We will send the expert, which will make all necessary measurements on site at our expense.

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What is the concrete paving stone block?


Concrete paving stone block is one of kinds of pavements for paving public open space, near-office area, yard sides of housing estates and detached houses. The service function is simple: to provide dry, clean and smooth pavement over the whole area and at the entrance thereto. There are 2 concrete paving stone block manufacturing technologies - vibratory casting and vibration compacting.

With what the vibratory-casted concrete paving stone block differs from vibration-compacted one?


The main difference is that the vibratory-casted stone blocks are made manually, and vibration-compacted one - using the dedicated equipment.

For manufacturing of vibratory-casted concrete paving stone block, concrete mix is poured in special mould, which then is put on the vibrating table, where it is compacted by gravity. So concrete takes on a form of future paving stone block. The ready-mixed concrete composition includes: cement, sand, crushed stone, dyes and a good many of water.

Cement with damp sand, fine crushed stone and dye is placed in the moulds, pressed with press. Then so moulded paving stone block is put in the chamber, where it is cured, hardened during several days. Chambers are isolated from environment, and the set parameters of air humidity are maintained inside. The automated production features determine the high accuracy of geometric shape of the product: it is much easier to stack them.

Due to what the vibration compacted concrete paving stone block strength is reached?


Due to what the vibration compacted concrete paving stone block strength is reached?

  • Paving stone block thickness. The more thick - the more strong, but more expensive. Where everything is all right with other positions, the thickness influences the strength most of all.
  • Concrete mix class and grade. And such properties, as: Durability, compression strength, freeze-thaw resistance and waterproofing capacity.
  • Proper paving method. Even if the strongest paving stone block is paved improperly, its life cycle will be less than the warranty period. Therefore, a serious and responsible attitude should be adopted in respect to paving stage.
  • Manufacturing method. After manufacture, paving stone block should be dried up and should reach the required level of strength. It should not be used prematurely, otherwise it will be broken.

What the paving stone block thickness works upon? And how the proper thickness can be defined for my area?


The most important factor, which the paving stone block thickness works upon is a bearable load. According to the GOST, vibration-compacted paving stone block thickness can be from 40 mm to 120 mm. And the most popular thickness of the stone block for paving of private and adjacent territory is 60 mm.

How to select the paving stone block thickness so that the bearable load will be sufficient, and not to pay the extra money?

It is important to know the purpose and the area, for which the stone blocks are selected.
Further we will list the minimum values of thickness of the paving elements and the main fields of application of the stone block paving.

Paving stone block in the thickness 40 mm, at least - adjacent territory of detached structures, pedestrian path, stairways tiling, blind area, grass lawn (without passenger and cargo motor transport traffic), accessible roofs of buildings and structures.

Paving stone block in the thickness 60 mm, at least - foot walks in the main streets, the pedestrian areas and public transport stops, bicycle lanes.

Paving stone block in the thickness 80 mm, at least - roads with low traffic and passenger motor transport parking areas and territories, petrol filling stations territory, above-ground pedestrian crossings, tram tracks, fire access roads and areas. The car parking areas on the detached house adjacent territories are ranked the same.

Paving stone block in the thickness 100 mm, at least - heavy-duty areas: ports, docks, logistics centres, container terminals, airdromes.

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We recommend to have a look at the stone block samples in ours show-room. We have furnished the premise so that you will feel comfortable to study our production as much as possible. Our employees have collected for you wide range of pavement stone blocks. More than 20 models. You can touch, examine the product close-up and in section, ask the questions of consultants, and then place the order. And all of these - in one place!

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