Брусчатка в любом объёме, оптом и в розницу

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Paving stone blocks

You can find the products, which is required for your business or home. This is because we produce concrete stone blocks, which shall underline environment and nature thereof. Combinations of dimensions, shapes, and colours will help to create the design solutions for your taste.

Besides the aesthetic aspect, our stone blocks are practical. Stone blocks are manufactured under the vibration compaction technology, using the equipment of the Turkish company ErmakMakine. And the stone block surface is coated with natural marble grit for ideal grip.

Stone blocks "DurableStone" conform to the GOST «RST Uz 712-96». Production is fully automated that excludes the human factor in the stone block composition and production process. And the stone block life cycle is more than 10 years subject to operation conditions observance.

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