Брусчатка в любом объёме, оптом и в розницу

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Paving stone block “Morocco”

Make design of the territory in the Moroccan style, using this the stone blocks of this shape. Walk ways, squares, yard sides and parking lots are the best locations for application of the stone block of this shape. It shall nicely decorate the territory, and shall place emphasis on the architecture individual style. It makes unique pattern in combination with other geometric forms, which will allow nobody to stay indifferent.

82 500 сум

Specifications Value
Concrete grade В22.5 (М300)
Average strength: 295 kgf/cm2 or 28,9 N/mm2
Freeze-thaw resistance: F150
Durability G1
Waterproofing capacity: W6
Average load bearing characteristic 1 500 kg
GOST: «RST Uz 712-96»


  • 350х250х60

It is recommended for paving of (thickness 60 mm):

  • park ways
  • pedestrian areas
  • housing estate yard sides
  • parks
  • near-office territories
  • passenger vehicles parking areas