Брусчатка в любом объёме, оптом и в розницу

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Paving stone block “Tank”

It is intended for an aesthetic road surfacing of increased durability. The stone blocks in the thickness of 10 cm capable of carrying with safety the heaviest motor vehicle. Therefore, this shape is appropriate for parking areas, fuel filling stations and road sections with heavy traffic. The weight bearing capacity is enough for carrying with safety the motor vehicle, which weight is up to 35.000 kg

114 000 сум

Specifications Value
Concrete grade В22.5 (М300)
Average strength: 295 kgf/cm2 or 28,9 N/mm2
Freeze-thaw resistance: F150
Durability G1
Waterproofing capacity: W6
Average load bearing characteristic 1 500 kg
GOST: «RST Uz 712-96»


  •  150x150x100

Рекомендуется для мощения (толщина 100мм):

  • logistics centres
  • container terminals
  • airdromes
  • railway stations
  • roads with heavy traffic